Welcome to my new blog

I used to blog many years ago but stopped when I had a child, and work began to get more time-consuming, it’s something I wanted to revisit the years but I lost track of where my old blog was, which is a shame because there was a lot of interesting stuff on there about my life at the time.

Actually, it might have been quite depressing reading it back, thinking about it, because I was going through some turbulent times, I was bouncing around in different relationships and I wasn’t very happy and I was probably drinking too much alcohol. I probably drink a bit too much now, and that’s something I’ll probably talk about a bit later on in this blog.

I have a lovely little boy and he is doing really well and I’m very proud of him and everyone says he’s like his father, which I’m actually not sure is a good thing, but he is generally quite a grounded and intelligent little lad it seems.

My wife Mary is my rock. She helps me in many ways and has helped me through some bad times, and helped me to be a decent man now. She’s stuck up for me ways nobody else ever has and despite things been turbulent times with her, we have got closer than ever recently.

I love my job, I am a car mechanic, and it is something I have really developed a good skill for. I’m self-employed so I can work when I want, and I have worked hard to build up a base of clients who now keep me going without me having to market myself at all.

This blog is really being written about me, for me. Obviously if somebody finds this interesting then that’s great, but it’s really a place online for me to get my thoughts out there, sort of an online diary really, just like in the old days where people would have a personal diary they would write themselves and then hide it away. So it’s not really meant as entertainment or a source of information.

I know people blog for different reasons, some blog for publicity, some to make money, some to explore thoughts and feelings like me, and others to entertain. But I think many personal bloggers are probably just doing it because they are a bit bored with their life, or want to share their life online in some way.

Welcome to my new blog

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