I’m looking at home bar ideas

I think I have already admitted that I can drink a bit, and this probably isn’t the greatest idea but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and we do have the space in our house to do it.

Basically I’m thinking about having a home bar, in our dining room. So I’m looking at home bar ideas online. I’m looking at all the things that I would need to do, I need a wet bar design and I would need to work out how it would be laid out.

I probably need some under counter appliances as well, I’m not sure what yet but I think I’m starting to get some ideas even from just looking on Google images.

My wife seems fine with the idea, I don’t think she thinks I’m going to be standing there every night on my own drinking like it’s a pub, so it should be fine, I just like the idea of having a focus point for fun when we have friends and family over for food and drink. I suppose it’s a throwback to my days of being in pubs and because I can’t now do that because of my home life getting in the way, I suppose it’s just in my head as a little way of clinging onto a bit of that old lifestyle.

Apart from thinking about making a home bar, I’m also thinking about putting a new patio down outside the dining room as well. Then the dining room and bar can lead out through the patio door into an outdoor dining and entertainment area as well. That will be really good and it would make my house the focal point for entertainment with friends and family, which none of my group of friends and family really have, as I think it would be good.

I think my wife is fine with it all, but I want to reassure her so she’s really happy so I am going to put together a plan of all, with images of how the home bar bar and patio would look and then sit down with her and explain it in more detail, so she can get a proper idea of what’s in my mind. I know it probably sounds a bit ambitious, but I suppose I’m just looking for an outlet in something to do in my spare time for a few weeks.

I’m looking at home bar ideas

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