Painting walls is so incredibly boring!

I’m painting the spare room and I’m finding it incredibly dull. There cannot be anything as tedious as having to mask off everything in a room, and then do an undercoat and then a couple of top coats to get a nice finish. It’s so boring and time-consuming. Then you have to do all the edging and then having to also do the ceiling makes it even worse.

Within an hour of starting I’m wanting to kill people and not even the radio being on helps. I’ve been doing the spare bedroom for nearly two weeks in short little bursts and I just want to give up. The problem is that I get covered in paint and so I get bored and have to wash it all off when I have hardly done anything.

My wife is refusing to get involved because she said I’m the one who wanted to do it and so I have to deal with it. I really want her to bail me out and she knows it. So I really already know it’s down to me and I’m going to have to get it done because it’s going to drive me nuts soon.

But it’s all about motivation and I’m struggling with motivation at the moment. I’m working a lot of hours on cars and we have a young child and things just get a bit tiring. So I’ve got to find extra energy from somewhere and I simply have to knuckle down and get it done, so that I can then get on to the next thing I want to do.

In more positive news the plans for the entertainment area are coming along. I’ve had some home bar ideas, printed them off so that I can show them to my wife and hopefully get her agreement on everything tonight.

I’m really excited about that, because unlike painting walls, I think that will be fun to do. I do like building and creating things and this will be something that can be there for years. None of my friends have a home bar and so I think it will be something that people will talk about positively.

Right that’s enough from me for tonight, I have to get on and I’m not sure that blogging about not having time is helping and I’m sure there is an irony in that.

Painting walls is so incredibly boring!

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