Watching a man fall off a van

I saw something really funny today although it could have been tragic had it happened slightly differently.

The bloke over the road is having some work done on his house and the workmen turned up today in a large van. One of them climbed on top of the van to pass down a ladder that was strapped to the top of it, the other guy took it, but as the guy on the top of the van lent forward with the ladder, he slipped and fell forward, the ladder went over the head of the guy on the ground and crashed to the floor with the guy from the top of the van holding on to it.

Thankfully this was on the edge of the road and they were passing it down away from the road. If it had been the other way around, he would have fallen straight into the road, and there were cars going by. So although it was quite funny, because he got up and was evidently okay, if a little embarrassed, if it had happened even slightly differently it could have been tragic and observing it could change my life as well..

It made me think about life and how slender our grip on it is at times. We take it for granted daily, but at any time something could happen to bring it to an end, even something as seemingly innocent as falling over like that.

It certainly made me think a bit and I have been a bit melancholy since, as I’ve basically been considering my own life and thinking about some of the things I’ve not yet achieved but would really like to.

I thought about my wet bar design and how I’m going to put it all to my wife tonight. I got some home bar ideas together and really made a good presentation and I’m going to show her exactly how I want to make this entertainment area from our dining room through to our garden. I think it will be really good and I’m feeling really positive, and watching what happened today has made me realise that you just have to get on with things in life, it doesn’t matter how silly they are, if they mean something to you, you have to fulfil them as quickly as possible.

Watching a man fall off a van

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