Home bar under way

If you have been reading this blog, you will have been reading about how I have been fixating about the possibility of having a home bar. I came up with some home bar ideas and put them to my wife the other night and she was actually really excited about my plans.

So today work started on the project. I went out and bought most of the pieces I needed, and ordered some things on the Internet. I then started getting things ready for construction, we have a carpet in there, so I have taken that up around the area that is going to be the bar area and I’ve also now ordered the things to change the outside in the patio area as well.

So things are underway and it’s really exciting and I’m glad it’s happening at last because it’s sort of obsessed me the past few weeks and I think it’s been a good distraction, but a little costly at times because it has taken my eye off other things I should be doing.

But now it’s underway I don’t have to sit around thinking about it any more, I can just do it in my spare time over the next couple of weeks and hopefully get it finished. I’m then aiming to have my family round to have an evening meal so they can see how my work has gone.

Work is going really well at the moment, I’ve actually got so much work coming in that I can’t keep up. I have a queue of work to do that is more than two weeks long now, with some road tests being booked in for up to 6 months in advance, which is great because that’s easy work and I can plan other jobs around that regular income.

So all in all, things are falling into place and things are good at the moment, and thankfully I haven’t had to use this blog yet to really moan about something or be upset about anything. But I’m obviously aware that life can turn around and bite you very quickly and so you have to get on with today and live for today, because tomorrow might never come, and that’s exactly why I’m now starting to get on with things and be more positive and upbeat than I have for a long, long time.

Home bar under way

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